Share: Raising Race Conscious Children

Parenthood Experiences

With everything that is going on in this world, especially our nation, I am even more determined to affect change positively. Affecting change starts with noticing: acknowledge and affirm. Children are usually the first to question; they notice colors, tone of voice, nonverbal gestures, etc. Moreover, affecting positive change calls for action.

Recently, I have struggled with what I can do to make movement against racial discrimation and to transform my fear of my son growing up in the United States into intentional steps to deconstruct the inequities, opportunity gaps, stereotypes, privilege, discrimation, and prejudices.

A fellow activist, Jaminah Shannon, shared the following resource with me:Raising Race Conscious Children by Sachi Feris.

Set aside some really intentional time (an hour at least) to grapple with and internalize these resources to talk about race with the children in your circles. No matter what your profession is, these strategies are applicable to your work environment as well. Ignoring or using our privilege to not engage with our reality does not affect change. 





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