My Favorite 5 Winter Outings in the PNW

PNW Events

There are a plethora of outdoor experiences you can do in the Pacific Northwest, even in the winter. We remain around +/-10 degrees of freezing temperatures from December through March, so it’s not too cold to have some winter fun with your family.  My top five favorites are all family friendly, so you can definitely bring along the kiddos and create a lifelong memory.

1. Snowmobiling at Mountain Springs Lodge, Leavenworth, WA

*Children must be at least 5 years old in order to ride on the snowmobiles.

Led by snowmobile experts, you can take a few different tours, varying in time and cost, through the snow on snowmobiles. My husband and I took this trip with friends, but children are able to ride along too if they are at least 5 years old. There are many other things to do in Leavenworth. The town has its annual Light Show, which is appropriate for all ages and let’s not forget the various shops and restaurants your whole family can engage in.

2. Snow Tubing at the Summit, Snoqualmie, WA

I don’t want to grow up; I want to be a kid forever…

That’s the way this experience felt for me! Drive up to Snoqualmie, WA for the day, rent a tube, slide down the hill, and relax with some hot chocolate or coffee. There are families everywhere enjoying themselves from the tubing to skiing! Now that my son is two years old, we would totally bring him along. We definitely wouldn’t stay nearly as long as we used to, but the experience is priceless, especially if your kiddo enjoys slides!

3. Winterfest Ice Skating at the Seattle Center, Downtown Seattle, WA

There are multiple places for indoor or outdoor ice skating in Pacific Northwest. Last year, my family and I took the kiddos (including 1.5 year old Kaden) to Downtown Seattle’s Winterfest. The cost was affordable and it was kid friendly. There are ice skating walkers available for kids and adults who are learning how to ice skate. There’s a concession for snacks but also allowed outside snacks. As the sun set, the lights were dimmed and the holiday lights lit up the ice. Holiday music played in the background. By the end, we shared many laughs, slips, and falls. Totally worth the memories made!

4. Space Needle & Sushi for the New Year

It can get quite cold and crazy but Downtown Seattle for New Years Eve is super fun. Some parents are brave and bring their kiddos out with them; my partner and I prefer to get a sitter for the night (9pm – 1am). Our couple tradition for New Years is to first, catch a Happy Hour sushi bar (I actually only eat the cooked sushi rolls lol).  Secondly, we take a gander through the Seattle Center (free giveaways) or walk around downtown and find a spot to romantically watch the fireworks show.  Traffic Tip: We walk to our car shortly before the fireworks show ends and leave right at the ending.

Recommended Downtown Sushi Restaurants:

– Umi Sake House:

– Wasabi Bistro:
5. Snowshoeing Paradise at Mt. Rainier

Last but not least, good ole playing in the snow! Grab/buy a kid backpack (OfferUp has a lot of great deals) or throw some kiddie snowshoes on your kiddos and hike a (mini) trail with the whole family. We stopped and played in the show, took pictures, and admired the beauty of the PNW! When driving up to Paradise (visitor center) on Mt. Rainier, be sure to wear or bring chains for your vehicle. Also, check the website or call the ranger station ahead of time for incoming snow storms. This experience is BREATHTAKING 😍!  Parent tip: We brought a portable potty for our son.

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