Heather – February Parent of the Month 

Parents of the Month

A teacher’s life is busy and requires a lot of personal sacrifice.  Early mornings, late evenings… new curriculum, new students… but the love for children sustains the life of a teacher.

Heather is a kindergarten teacher.  We all know how hard it is to parent a handful of kids at home, but try teaching and nurturing a classroom full of five year olds. Patience, creativity, flexibility, firm love, and kindness are in steady rotation for Heather.

Moreover, Heather has a beautiful, intelligent toddler son of her own who reflects his parents’ amazing parenthood skills. Her son is her mini. Her son gives her life. Heather’s unconditional commitment to her son and the numerous ways she is a great mother is why she’s February’s Parent of the Month!

Let’s learn more about Heather from her own words:

I’m Heather Gauvey. I’m 33 years old. I grew up in Woodinville, Washington and currently live in Covington. I am a kindergarten teacher and I’ve been teaching for eight years. I am an avid reader and I love being outside.
I have been married to my husband Chris for eight years. We met in high school so we’ve been together almost 16 years.

We have a 2 1/2 year old son named Christopher and a rat terrier named Allie. We are hoping to have at least one more child sometime in the next few years. We tried for our son for almost six years. We had two years of infertility and we had a miscarriage in March 2013.

Heather and Christoper’s son, Christopher, at his two year old birthday party.

Christopher is our rainbow and miracle baby because I ended up getting pregnant on my own about 6 months after my miscarriage. I’m hoping baby number two will come easier.

“Mommy” is my favorite job title. It’s everything I’ve ever imagined and more. I just love experiencing each age and stage. Every single age and stage is better than the rest, well except maybe the temper tantrum stage. Right now, my son is talking up a storm and he’s really into African animals.

I am very lucky to have an amazing husband that does everything I do and more. My husband will clean the house and cook dinner just so I can spend undivided time with my son when I get home.

I am blessed to have my mom watch my son two days a week. I think it’s really important for my son to be around family.

I also have six mommy friends that I met through a mommy/baby support group. We get together every month with either our whole families or just the moms. It’s so important to have people to talk to that are going through all the same thing at the same time. It’s also nice to blow off steam together.

My last, but not least motherhood supporter is my best friend of 20 years, who lives in China with her wife and one year old daughter. We make sure to talk a few times a month a get together as often as we can.

Northwest Mamahood aapreciates and supports your motherhood journey! Congratulations Heather and keep up the fantastic mothering. 


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