Keiosha – March Parent of the Month

Parents of the Month

A loyal, down-to-earth mama is who Keiosha is. She has a huge heart, which naturally lends itself to being a great mama and wife. She is strong, talented, and driven. There’s no doubt that her two daughters have an amazing role model.

Let’s learn more about Keiosha through her own words:

The “Mama” in Me

My name is Keiosha and I am 29 years old. I currently work in the insurance industry as a Liabilty Adjuster, where I am in the process of continuing my growth to be a Supervisor. I live in Kent, WA with my husband and two girls, Naveah (1) and Nakyah (3). When I’m not working I love family time, watching my girls grow into their personalities and experience life together as sisters, hanging out with close friends or a date night away with my hubby.

Becoming a mom was definitely something new and challenging all at once. The hardest for me as “mom” is making sure that I am weighing the discipline with the learning aspect and the “why’s”. My oldest definitely works me on this and as much as its hard, I thank her for this. Having two kids definitely creates a lot more, mentally and physically and I wouldn’t change it for the world! It is a non-stop hobby that I can’t call a job because I love what I do… just everyday challenges… always trying to work on what I can do better and if I can change anything to be a more encouraging, outgoing, balanced mom. I love that they rely on me each day (reminders with some form of a vocal “mom” or a tug at the leg while cooking). I have them to remind me of why I work so hard to make sure that they are happy.

One of my biggest supporters would definitely to be my husband. He seems to find ways to make motherhood easier for me whether it’s a getaway with some close friends or an offered massage after a long day. I’ve always prayed for the support as a husband and father and so blessed to have him in our lives. Parenting between the two of us gets tough but having each other to build up is the greatest thing during rough times. My other biggest supporter would definitely be my mom. Always encouraging, supportive and a helping hand whenever she can. I tend to find a lot of my maternal traits from her and blessed that she raised me to be the mom I am today.

Congratulations Keiosha! Northwest Mamahood appreciates and supports your mamahood journey! You are well deserving. 


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