Where’s Happiness? 

Parenthood Experiences

By: Kelly Sutton
How many bad things have to happen in a day for you to consider it to be a “bad day”?

One kid is screaming off and on for hours, another one is being potty trained, you accidentally break your favorite mug into hundreds of pieces, you’re late for parent pick up, you forget to take out the chicken to thaw for dinner, your partner has to work late… and the list goes on!

Exhaustion creeps over your eyelids and for a split moment you stop and think, today was a hard day; today was a bad day.

But was it really?

Whether you’re a full time working parent or full time stay-at-home parent, every caregiver reflects on the day, week, month to deem it “good or bad”. We compare ourselves to other parents’ lives and/or mythical life we think we should have. We work tirelessly, waiting for our next break. PARENTHOOD IS HARD!

Where’s happiness?

Here’s my new challenge: Write down ONE happy moment EACH day for the next FIVE years. 

That sounds so daunting right?!?!

I don’t think so. I found a journal called, The Happiness Project – One Sentence Journal for Mothers by Gretchen Rubin.

I am so excited!!! 

I’ve only been a mom for about three years. Within those 1,825 days, there were countless days I felt like happiness was an afterthought because I was so caught up in the things that didn’t go well. 

With this tool, I can think of a HAPPY moment in my day and jot down ONE SENTENCE. It takes up to 2-3 minutes. Sometimes I want to write more than one moment.

I know a year from now when I’m rereading the sentences I wrote the previous year, more HAPPINESS will flow through my vessels, reminding me that parenthood is worth every hard moment.

Will you join me? #HappinessProject


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