One Year Ago & What’s Instore

Parenthood Experiences

By: Kelly Sutton

When I stopped to reflect upon how different my life is from a year ago, I’m in awe! The Northwest Mamahood blog has not only appreciated and supported other mothers; it has supported me through quite the journey.

One year ago, when I started this blog, I was in a dark space.

My grandma had passed away, my son was too sick for childcare so I was taking numerous days off, and I had turned in my resignation paperwork from being a teacher!

I had watched my grandma, my rock, suffer from cancer spreading throughout her entire body. I had struggled with me not being the best mother to my son because teaching was such a draining job. Therefore, when my husband and I finally got the financial means and God-trusting mindsets, I resigned from what I love to do – TEACH.

On May 18, 2016 I was sitting at home with my family and a logo popped into my head.

I got out some paper and drew it. I turned to my husband and said, “I’m starting a blog called Northwest Mamahood!” I was tired of feeling like all of work mamas do, goes unnoticed and hence unappreciated. I was tired of the hardships of working full time, which perpetuated feeling unsupported. I needed a solution – a light that birthed life. So I took a risk and wrote my first blog –  Live in the Rainy City – Girl You MUST Be Crazy.

NWMH became my outlet for reflection and positivity. Parents go day-to-day without a mere thank you sometimes. Plus, we feel like all judgement eyes are on us when we make mistakes. I remembered feeling so relieved when I wrote the blogs, Dare I say I’m Afraid to be His MotherSorry not Sorry, My Son’s an Introvert, and Another Tantrum because I finally had an outlet to say what I was thinking. All parents should have that opportunity to share their concerns without judgement – I wanted to help change that.

With the mission of appreciating and supporting parenthood, especially in the Pacific Northwest, I wanted to be there for myself and other mothers virtually and eventually physically (i.e. support groups).

By the end of June 2016, I had packed and cleared out my second grade classroom. What an emotional ending to a beautiful beginning of a new chapter in life! I finally started feeling some peace – that’s how I knew I made the right decision.

At the start of July I had already plugged myself into my local community of parents for the first time since my son was born because I actually had the time, energy, and mental capacity. I enrolled in mom and tot swim lessons and we began attending Play and Learn programs through the library and YMCA.

My mama circle of support grew exponentially – virtually and physically. I was feeling great! I potty trained my son in one week and I began homeschooling him! He was loving that mommy was home and I was loving pouring my all into being his mommy.

By the end of July, Kaden turned 2 years old and we were pregnant. Life’s joys was beginning to make a comeback.

In late August, we experienced more hardships but my physical NWMamahood community was there to support me. My resignation from teaching was reconfirmed that it was the right decision. And the NWMH blog was named one of the Top Mommy Blogs in the country! TMB noticed my potential and I was honored to be accepted into another virtual community of parents.

Fast forward to December, NWMH searched for co-mama bloggers to represent the voice of other types of mamas. I was only the voice of one as a part time stay-at-home. The perspectives of a full time working mom and full time stay-at-home mom needed to be shared.

In January, NWMH welcomed three new co-mama bloggers – Ivory, Quincey, & Katherine. Read the bios of the Mama Blogger Team.

In January 2017, NWMH also kicked off our monthly appreciated parents of the month. Parents of the Month receive blog recognition, a hand-written thank you, and a Starbucks gift card. In the age of social media, sharing positivity on everyone’s newsfeed definitely strengthened the execution of NWMH’s mission to appreciate and support.

Now in May 2017, as the founder of NWMH, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to appreciate and support PNW mamas through partnering with the blog writer of Sincerely, Gyna. Gyna Uhrlass is the founder of Moms Who Brunch. I, Kelly Sutton, am proudly the Creative Director for MWB. MWB is a way for mama’s to take time to breathe and enrich our mamahood. It’s classy, elegant, and kid-free lol! Buy your ticket for the next upcoming brunch (we have them quarterly); it’s worth the time.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from this year is that even though I’m a mom, maintaining my individuality is just as important. Otherwise as I’m transitioning through the phases of motherhood, I may hold on to the past in a pessimist way instead of with gratitude and appreciation for that season in my life.

I’m excited for what’s in store for NWMH’s coming year. I did not expect for this year to go so well, but it did. I look forward to growth, appreciation, and even more support.

Thank you current supporters and please welcome more to join us.


One thought on “One Year Ago & What’s Instore

  1. Congratulations, I enjoy reading your blogs and find myself oftentimes relating. It definitely feels good to know there are other mamas going through some of the same things I am. And also knowing we are all different and so are our children.

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