June Parent of the Month – Christina

Parents of the Month

By: Kelly Sutton

Being a single parent is superhuman and the June Parent of the Month mothers a set of twins with grace and hard work.

She’s always been a driven person, but when her twins were conceived  she became a selfless mama with her driven spirit and actions leading the way.

I often tell my mama friends and partner that I don’t know how single mamas “do it”?! Like seriously, I’m baffled sometimes! I’m baffled because I know I struggle so much as a mom with a partner, therefore I stand/watch in awe of mothers like Christina Hay – holding down her tribe as a mama with purpose!

For this segment of NWMH’s Parents of the Month, Christina’s siblings were asked to tell a few words about her amazingness as a mother.

From her little sister, Carolyn Hay:

“When I was in 8th grade I found out I was going to have a niece and a nephew.  I was excited because I was going to have two babies to kiss and love. My sister was so strong and always have been. I knew her having two kids (twins) was going to wear her out, but she managed to play ball, work, and go to school with two little ones; something I think I couldn’t do. Six, almost seven years later, my niece and nephew are two of the smartest kids I know. My sister works hard to make sure they have everything they need, while being able to work and still go to school. She’s an inspiration to many young mothers and a wonderful mom to her lovely set of twins.”

From her twin brother, Gary Hay:

“She is a bold, beautiful, hard-working, proud mother of two beautiful twins. Determined to give them the best life possible, she sacrifices in what seems like every aspect of her personal life. They say super heros don’t exist but from my view, she’s one.”

From her brother, Wes Hay:

“I would like to say she is a role model for the youth and a great mom on top of handling life situations.”

From her big sister, Stephanie Hay:

“Christina- you are a hero. You may be younger than me, but your gift of motherhood inspires me beyond measure. You are a mother, educator, career woman, goal setter, over comer, spiritual powerhouse, and a person that your nieces and nephews respect so much. You are the true reason behind the idea that mothers can do it all because you do it all every single day. Keep changing the world, sis ❤.”

Let’s hear from Christina Hay

I am 26 years old and my hometown is Seattle, but I currently reside in Federal Way. I am a paraeducator and full time student. I like to read & write in my spare time.

Family & Future Plans

[My immediate family is] my kids (age 6) and just me as of right now. I would love to be married one day and have a couple more kids.

Joys of Parenthood & Support System

I definitely enjoy watching my kids excel in school. My biggest supporters are definitely my family like my parents, siblings, and Aunt Linda & cousins. They love my kids to pieces. If I can’t get something, they are more than happy to help. They are always pouring into my kids and making sure they feel loved.

Loving Mamahood 

I love being a mom because it fuels my fire. My kids motivate me to reach my goals. They help make me into a better woman. The hardest part is allowing them to grow into their “independent” stage. They grow up so fast, sometimes I want them to be babies again.

Also, making plans to hangout with people my age [is an important part of mamhood]. I have to coordinate with my siblings or parents. Sometimes it’s nice to have ” me time”.

Congratulations Christina! You inspire gratitude and love from your story as a mama! You are strong and more than worthy of being honored, not just for the Month of June, but everyday because you’re an amazing mother!  We appreciate and support you.


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