August Parent of the Month – BonnieJean 

Parents of the Month

Have you ever met someone who is full of life? Well now you get to. The August Parent of the Month is that full of life person – BonnieJean Thomas!

She radiates life; so much so, she not only gives her all to her three beautiful children, but also to the youth through the Christian nonprofit, Young Life.

BonnieJean loves God and loves kids. She is a former math teacher turned full time youth leader. She is an amazing mother, sister, daughter, wife, and friend. Her actions are selfless – always looking through the lens of what is best for everyone. She also balances being a visionary while living in the moment. From their family vacations to their everyday life, you can catch her family smiling ear to ear.

Her kiddos (and home) are a great reflection of the person she is – smart, vibrant, joyous, & stylish (lol). She’s reflective, honoring that sometimes you have to try even if you fail and need to choose a different route. Another reason why NWMH honors her is because she’s an inspirational mama, especially for mom’s in the Pacific Northwest. She sets goals and gets ‘ish done! She’s a loyal and close friend to many. She appreciates the village around her, knowing they are part of the reason why she is such an amazing mama.

BonnieJean deserves to be recognized as the August Parent of the Month because she is selfless human – striving to be the best mother she was purposed to be (through God), while encouraging others to be all they can be.

Let’s get to know BJ from her perspective…

About BonnieJean

My name is BonnieJean (BJ) Thomas and I’m 28 years old. I grew up in California and moved to Tacoma, Washington in middle school, and besides going to Western Washington University for college, have lived here ever since. After college I taught math for 5 years and spent most of my free time volunteering as a leader with a non-profit out reach Christian ministry, Young Life. Now my husband and I are both on full time staff in Tacoma with Young Life.

Family Life

Right now my family (#teamthomaspartyof5) is made up of my husband, Isaac (we’ve been married for 7 years this summer), our 2.5 year old twins Kira and Blandin, our 1 year old Makai and myself. We’re quite the party pack 🙂 Life is crazy and awesome! We love having a large family and we’re excited to {hopefully} have more kiddos down the road! Basketball team? Volleyball? Who knows?


Being a mom is such a gift. We waited a few years to be parents, exploring adoption and suffering a miscarriage. Each of our kiddos have felt like such a blessing and everyday, although far from perfect, is full of adventure and fun! We have a large village loving our family and helping us with childcare, play dates, prayer and encouragement, which makes this life that much more manageable 🙂 Being a mom is hard and oftentimes exhausting and overwhelming, but with God’s guidance and grace we’re thriving and filled with love.

Northwest Mamahood celebrates you BonnieJean. You’re amazing and so is your family!


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