Post Baby Body

Parenthood Experiences

By: Kelly Sutton

Pants. Shirt. Bras. Underwear.

Take this off, put that on… NOPE! Take that off, now put this on… still, NOPE! The struggle for learning how to dress my Post Baby Body is real.  I thought it was difficult to dress my pregnant body, but for me, it’s more emotionally draining to dress my postpartum body.


10 Essentials for Labor and Delivery

Parenthood Experiences

By: Kelly Sutton

Nesting can be one of the most drawn out, boring, yet productive times of one’s pregnancy.  During the third trimester, the parent(s) are trying to make sure everything is in order before the big L.D. – LABOR & DELIVERY.

Since this is my second time around, I’ve weeded out and added in several essentials that I deem important before the joyous L.D. comes by surprise (or for some, scheduled to commence).

My Essential L.D. List

1. List of who/when to contact – including a sleepover plan for current kid(s).

Why Representation Matters

Parenthood Experiences

By: Ivory Bruinsma
Growing up, and well into my adult life, my dad coined the phrase “know your black history”.

As a kid, I really wasn’t concerned with knowing  all the black people who ever did anything. I knew enough; I knew Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Malcolm X and of course Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I figured I pretty much had my bases covered and bonus there were a couple women thrown in there.

Five Essentials for a Short Maternity Leave

Parenthood Experiences

By: Katherine VanHenley

Reading about maternity leave in the United States makes me sad on a couple levels. One, because most of what you read is how inadequate maternity leave is here. Two because that’s usually all it is, reading over and over about how ridiculously short it is. And if you’re a mother who has no choice but to take a short maternity leave, it makes you feel pretty crappy about yourself and your impending motherhood.

Another Tantrum? I’m (not) a Good Parent

Parenthood Experiences

My son is two years old. To most, he’s a sweet, smart, quiet boy who doesn’t give strangers the time or day. His normal facial expression in public says, “Don’t talk to me,” lol!  As his parent, I fully support his stranger danger.  When he does talk, he’s complimented on his clarity and range of vocabulary. He’s polite and uses his manners…